Welcome to my Spirituality blog

I intend to post any words that I’ve been inspired to write or perhaps channelled from higher dimensional entities or my own spiritual guides.
I’ll also share some personal writings or thoughts on my own spiritual awakening and perhaps some events that I’ve experienced along the way. But it is my ardent hope, that most of the content here will be made up of newer writing and experiences.
These are my own experiences and words and they are not intended to state the truth of matters; as I believe everyone’s spiritually to be personal to them and therefore all experiences and viewpoints to be as equally valid as the next.
Spiritually to me, encompasses everything from the most mundane to the most cosmic as we seek to understand ourselves, or place within the universe and creation itself.
I have been inspired to create this blog by a few people whom I’ve shared my writings with. Based on their feedback, I’ve decided to share my writings and experiences in a more public format.
My hope for this, is that some (if any) who read this blog may relate to it and find hope, courage and belief that there is light in the darkness, love where there is fear and solidarity knowing that you are not alone on your journey.
  • Soul Seeking

    9th Nov 2019 by

    I am not this person who was named at birth. I do not belong with the people in this country. I do not belong in this skin that I can see & touch. I am not my ethnic race. I do not truly feel that I am a male or female. I do not truly… Read more

  • Seeking part 1

    24th Oct 2019 by

    Why do you feel it is necessary to attend a church to get into contact with your creator? Why do you hand over your power to another so called priest or Chaplin and think that’s my duty done, responsibility for what happens in my life handed over to another who will take care of it!… Read more

  • Seeking 10 14/02/20

    16th Feb 2020 by

    Know me as you know yourself. For I am as you, always and ever by your side. I thought maybe that this was to be the start of another channelled commication, but it ended there. As it ended, there I thought it was pretty fruitless. Looking at it again, I begin to wonder. I think… Read more

  • A Medatition. Contact with Confederation Sources.

    16th Feb 2020 by

    In meditation, I change the focus from a silent meditation, concentrating only on the music to thoughts of acension. I imagine rising upwards, out of this planet. The energy flows hits me causing my head to jerk upwards. I feel rooted to the spot. I inhale and hold the breath unable to release it. Wave… Read more

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